What should you do after visiting a tradeshow?

If you visited Printwear & Promotion LIVE! 2019 last week then you’ve probably returned home slightly exhausted, with enough brochures and business cards to fill a house, and one question in mind: what now?

The YES Ltd stand at P&P Live! 2019

There’s always so much excitement in the build-up of a tradeshow/exhibition but its not always easy to know what to do after.

You most likely got bombarded with a bunch of information from a variety of different companies.

So, what should you do with all of that information?

#1 Act Quickly

In the aftermath of a tradeshow and with all of the insights that you’ve collected, it can be easy to forget things. It’s best to act quickly and begin your post-tradeshow planning while it’s still fresh in your memory.

Choose Wisely

#2 Organise

Let’s be realistic, a lot of the things that you picked up won’t be relevant to your business but who can resist a free bag of goodies when it’s handed to them?

Take some time to organise all of the things that you collected into categories. Create a pile of companies/products that really interest you, those that need a bit of extra research and then throw away all of the things that aren’t relevant to your business’ goals.

You’ll find that what’s left is much more manageable than what you had at the start.

#3 Reassess your business goals

After a successful show, exhibitors are going to be busy. If you spoke to a lot of people during the event, just think how many they spoke to and how many details they received from potential new customers!

This creates the perfect window for you to get your feet under you and figure out want you really want before exhibitors start calling to follow up.

If you were thorough in your pre-tradeshow planning then you already knew what you wanted before you attended. However, goals can change.

There are a lot of different products at exhibitions and you may have found something that could work better for your business than what you had in mind before you attended.


#4 Research

Now, it’s time to get serious.

You’ve got your list of relevant companies and you know exactly what you want. So, now it’s time to work out which company offers the best opportunities for your business.

Set aside some time to research the companies you’ve spoken to. Learn more about what they’re like as a company – you’ll have to work with them after all. You don’t want to just look at what they say about themselves, look at what their customers say about them too.

You might also want to consider where they’re located and what their customer service is like. If something goes wrong, you will want to know that there’s someone there to offer support and assist with any issues.

Attend events

#5 Get another opinion

Now that the hardest part is behind you, it’s time to take all of the information that you’ve collected so far and make it readable.

How you present the information will depend on which format you feel works best for you. Try to include a bit of information about the company, the product that’s of interest to you and pros and cons. Repeat this for each product.

Once you’ve presented the information clearly, you can pass that along to others within your business.

Getting another opinion is always valuable because everyone thinks differently – a new perspective can be helpful when figuring out a good fit for your business.

#6 Follow Up

Depending on how fast you work, at this stage, it’s quite likely that the exhibitor has already called you to follow up from the tradeshow.

Don’t worry if they haven’t – take charge instead and call them.

Ask them for samples to ensure that you can create a high-quality product with that machine. Better yet, send over your own graphics and arrange a visit to their showroom (if they have one). This will allow you to see, in person, the results that can be achieved.

If you’re uncertain about anything, now is the time to bring it up with the company. They should be able to clear up any questions that you have.

We hope that you all had a brilliant time at this year’s P&P Live! 2019. This year’s show has been a resounding success for the YES Ltd team. Both of our stands (H10 and L30) were buzzing with activity from the moment the doors opened, and the level of interest was the highest it’s ever been at this highly-successful garment decoration show. If you couldn’t attend here is a quick recap of the YES Ltd stand.

We would like to say a special thank you to everyone who took the time to visit our stand and to see the UK unveiling of the DTG QM8, DTG Digital G4, SWF MAS-12 and more.

Finally, a huge congratulations to the Printwear & Promotion team for putting on another wonderful event.

The P&P buzz doesn’t end when the doors close! If you would like to get in touch to talk about any of the machines that you saw at the show, just give us a call on 01623 863343 or email us at hello@yesltd.co.uk

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