7 things you need to know about the new QM8 before P&P Live!

The new DTG-QM8

This month, the DTG-QM8 will make it’s UK exhibition debut at P&P Live!

If you can’t attend or you just want to know more, here a few things about the QM8 that makes it a machine worth knowing about.

Person running

1.Built for speed

A driving need in the DTG industry over the years has been speed. As customer demand grows, printers need to be able to produce more in a shorter space of time. This is where the DTG-QM8 comes in.

The QM8 has been proven to print up to six printed products in just over 30 seconds, which works out at upwards of 300+ pieces per hour. This machine is built for outstanding productivity, creating brilliant prints in a short cycle time.


2. Increased applications

Thanks to DTGTEX Pigment Inks, not only can you achieve brilliant, high-quality designs on all-natural fibres, polyester/cotton blends, but it has also been hugely successful with applications for cut piece textile and even full hide-leather digital printing.

This opens up your market opportunities far beyond previous models in order to give you maximum profit potential.


3. Greener solution

The “greener” digital textile printing market for natural fibres is growing faster than ever. Customers are more conscious than ever before about their environmental impact. They want to know that their clothing isn’t contributing negatively to the planet.

The QM8 uses the DTGTEX ink range, offering a greener solution that requires no water, no pre-treat, no steaming or washing in process. The DTGTEX range ensures that you have an ink solution that can deliver the same quality and performance you’ve come to expect from traditional printing techniques without the negative environmental impact.


4. Platens

The QM8 comes equipped with a variety of different platen formations. This gives you more flexibility to print on to what you want. You can print 6 adult t-shirts at once, or use the full size of 850mm x 1850mm.

With minimal effort, you can move from printing t-shirts to cut panel textiles, bedding and anything else that you can imagine.


5. The bridge machines

The QM8 enables users to print t-shirts as well as larger items typically only possible with wide format printers. While DTG isn’t a replacement for wide format printing, the QM8 offers a bridge between both worlds to open up your business to more opportunities and create flexibility.

With a max bed option of 1850mm, garment decorators have the ability to print large areas like bedding, garment panels or multiple adult t-shirts side by side.

This flexibility in applications allows you to offer a print service across a much wider range of products, boosting your potential profits.

Good features

6. Incorporates successful features that sets the DTG Digital range apart

The DTG M-Series builds on over a decade of remarkable success in the finished garment decorating markets. The QM8 utilises the remarkable features that have made DTG Digital a household name, such as iQ Interweave and an open ink delivery system.

We’ve taken everything great about our previous machines and made the QM8 bigger, faster and even more flexible to meet your market demands.

Color wheel

7. Better Colours, more saturation

You don’t have to compromise on quality to reach high print speeds.

The QM8 uses a quad (4) staggered head printer array with 32 channels of variable 3.5 pcl to 48 pcl drop sizes across all resolutions for rapid penetration and extreme colours.

If you want to see and get up close to the new QM8, then you can find us on stand H10 at P&P Live! 2019 from 20th – 22nd January.

But don’t worry if you can’t make it, just email hello@yesltd.co.uk to arrange a demonstration in our showroom.

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