FuFu’s Machine Embroidery Threads: The Best Choice on the Market

Who are FuFu and what are the benefits of changing your supplier of embroidery threads to Fufu’s?


Here at YES Ltd we take a keen interest in selling only the best products to suit our customers and thread is not an exception.  We chose the FuFu‘s brand for many reasons such as the thread quality, colour vibrancy and the company’s ethos.DSCF6446

When selling our thread to customers we often get asked what Fufu means, and we’ve realised  everyone seems to be providing their own theory! So to clear matters up, the company behind Fufu threads “Southwell Textile CO” advised that the brand name meant  ‘Good Luck’ or ‘Wealth’, which is appropriate in many ways!

This thread provides wealth to your business, however no luck is needed as it actively prevents breakages and prevents machine downtime.

Why should you trust Southwell Textile Co?  When asked about their product range they stated they produced ‘high sheen’, ‘great tensile strength’ and ‘color fast embroidery threads’ that result in excellent production. They strenuously analyze and check the strength and quality of the thread assuring it meets the AATCC (American Association of Textile chemists and colorists standards). This is an industry known and respected association which ensures that customers only purchase thread that is of a high quality.

Alongside AATCC they also follow JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards),
DSCF5092ISO (International Organisation and Standardization) and “Oeko-tex standard” for the usage on children’s wear where others brands don’t have so their quality can be checked worldwide.

Alongside all of these industry associations, Southwell also go the extra mile with thread quality. They use internal labs to test random samples of raw materials and finished cones of threads to assure that the quality of the thread is perfect.

Quality and Price for your embroidery machinery thread!

Now we have demonstrated just how rigorous the quality checks are on the thread we’d like to enlighten you on the other selling points – they are just as attractive. As we are keen to supply both quality and cost effectiveness hand in hand, we’re pleased to say that FuFu’s offer much better value than almost all competitors in this category. Fufu’s will save you both money and wasted time used for rethreading. So if you are looking for a reliable thread at incredible prices YES should be your port of call for unbeatable FuFu’s threads.

If you would like any more information regarding FuFu machine embroidery threads or would like a price list please email us at sales@yesltd.co.uk  or call us on +44 (0)1623-863343

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